As if I didn’t love the services that Zoho already offers they now go and impress me even more. A few weeks ago I used the Zoho Polls on a post regarding which Firefox extensions you use. The list of extensions quickly got very long but Zoho only allowed you to display the poll as one size, which looked something like this:

Note: Do not continue to the next page if you are using Internet Explorer 7, it will freeze your browser for some reason. I have just contacted Zoho and will hopefully hear back from them soon.

I’m sure you see now how hard it is to scroll through and see all of the options. The poll is just displayed in an iframe and I thought it would be great if I could manually resize the iframe and have the poll grow/shrink depending on whatever size I wanted. They responded to me the next day and said that they were working on a solution. After a few more days they emailed me again and said that they completed it!

It is absolutely perfect now and I can make the frame as large as I want. That means you can even make it big enough so that users don’t even have to scroll. Now users can easily vote and view the results without ever leaving your site. To see what the new poll box looks like go checkout the previous post that I made using it.

I think I’ll be using these a lot more as a quick way to get feedback on what users think about a topic. Since it is only using an iframe it can also be displayed in many feed readers (if you publish your full RSS feed).

So, I guess my question for everyone is whether you want to see more polls on our site?