Zoho has been busy launching application after application, giving users a near complete web-based office suite that’s really quite impressive. Today they announced a new addition to Zoho, however this time, it’s not a new application. Instead, they’re taking the opportunity to bring some of their services together by launching an integrated start page.

This new integrated start page called Zoho Start currently integrates Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, and Zoho Show.  On the start page, you’ll be able to place files into folders to help with organization, and you’ll also be able to share, tag, import, and export documents right from the integrated start page. For those who use Zoho applications regularly, the start page will be an extra added convenience that will make accessing files easier.

Zoho start

CEO of Zoho, Sridhar Vembu says that while the start page may look plain and simple, it was done so intentionally because it was designed not to get in the way, but to help speed users along.  He also says that with the next update for Zoho start, they’ll be adding better filtering/sorting options.

You’ll be able to access Zoho Start at start.zoho.com. As Read/Write Web points out, it’s still “a little rough around the edges.” While this may be the case, it’s nice to see them taking the steps necessary to integrate all the Zoho applications together so that users will be able to easily manage their files. Soon I think more people will be thinking of Zoho as set of applications instead of knowing them as offering several independent applications.