Zoho, better known for their powerful online spreadsheet and word processor, have just added yet another service to their Office Suite. Zoho Wiki is a web-based Wiki word processor. One of the most well known Wiki’s is Wikipedia which has become a “go-to” site on the web when you’re looking for information about any topic.

Zoho claims their Wiki is as easy to use as a word processor, and from the looks of it, they’re right. In case you’re unfamiliar with a Wiki, it’s a website that allows visitors to add, remove, and change the content of the page. The Zoho Wiki will have all standard Wiki features, and is based upon Zoho’s powerful writer that includes spell check, revision history, essentially all of the bells and whistles.

If you’re already using one of Zoho’s products, you can use that same Zoho sign-on to begin using Zoho wiki. You’ll be allowed to create three different Wiki’s.  Each Wiki is assigned it’s own URL and with that, unlimited pages. Not to mention, you can even embed objects from other services such as a YouTube video, Zoho Show slide show, and the list goes on.

Another nice element is that you can set your Wiki to be public, or private which means you can control who edits the content.  You can also select a group of people that are able to edit.  The uses for this are endless, but one idea might be for example, if you’re into gaming. You could create a Wiki for you and your friends, and as you think of strategies or come across tips, everyone could add to the page to create one giant guide.  After a while, it could really evolve into something useful. Also, your Wiki pages are search engine friendly, which means that your pages will be indexed. 

Other uses that Zoho offers:

  • For collaboration among team members (group project?)
  • Private family site
  • Maintaining “help” documents
  • Sharing your passion and ideas with the world

I’m really impressed with the variety of services that Zoho is developing, not to mention that all of them are FREE. Amazing! Zoho Wiki seems like great addition to the services that they already offer. I’m surprised that Zoho hasn’t been swept up by Google yet!  For more details, and to get your own Wiki started, visit http://wiki.zoho.com.

News Source: Webware