Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook just launched today, and I have been tinkering with it this morning. The goal of the notebook is to bring all of your information together into one single source. You’ll no longer have Post-It notes spread out all over your desk, and important information from websites can easily be clipped and stored in Zoho Notebook.

Some articles that I have read online regarding Zoho Notebook say that it is a cross between Microsoft’s OneNote software and Google Notebook. It is very close to OneNote because of the way it orients the notebook tabs on the top, and the sub-pages on the right side. The ability to move things around your Notebook very easily also reminds me of using OneNote.

However, I would never use this as a replacement to Google Notebook. The reason why Google Notebook is so nice is because they let users organize web clips quickly and easily without ever having to visit a website to do the management. Google Notebook just pops-up with a small window in the bottom-right corner of your browser, and from there you can manage and delete your notes in just a few clicks. My goal when clipping something from the Web is not just to store the content, but to store it in a way that doesn’t take away from what I’m working on.

If you’re looking for something to jot down notes from a meeting, Zoho Notebook would be a great solution. After the meeting is over you would be able to share the notes with all of your colleagues so that they can then collaborate with you.

That’s not all either…Zoho Notebook really does do quite a bit:

  • Free form Creation/Editing of content
  • Drawing tools that can be used along with the content
  • Add different types of content like text, images, audio, video etc
  • Word processor and spreadsheet functionality embedded
  • Sharing Notebooks, Pages and even objects (pieces of content)
  • Collaborative editing
  • Integration with other Zoho Applications like Zoho Writer, Sheet and Chat
  • Versioning at Book, Page and Object level
  • Comments at Book, Page and Object level
  • Publish at Book, Page and Object level
  • Firefox Extension for web clipping

There is currently only a Firefox extension available for Zoho Notebook, and it adds an option to the right-click menu of the browser when viewing a website. I did expect a little more from Zoho on this, such as a bookmarklet that was cross-browser compatible, but I’m sure they will also be developing an add-on for Internet Explorer users. Opera and Safari users will probably be left in the dark once again.

Here is a video demonstration of what Zoho Notebook has to offer: