Zoho is taking their Sheets online spreadsheet application a little further by introducing some new features that cover ground that Google already has, but they’re also taking it one step ahead. Recently, Zoho introduced the ability to collaborate on spreadsheets with other people.  With this, they’ve made it easy to communicate with those you’re collaborating with by integrating a chat so that you can talk online.

Integrated chat is something that Google had already implemented into their online spreadsheet application. While Zoho has stepped on Google ground with this feature, they’ve also gone further by implementing charts.  On Friday, they recently added a few enhancements to make those charts even better.


The rumor has been around for a while that Google was working on a chart creator after a line of code was discovered that hinted at this. Charts and graphs alone would make the software more useful and realistic for users because it would resemble spreadsheet applications that people are already familiar with.

A few additional changes to Zoho Sheet include support for importing and exporting OpenDocument spreadsheets, as well as more APIs and documentation available.  Zoho always seems to be making changes and adding features to their programs, and while that is nice, Google’s Spreadsheet application for my purposes is more user friendly and intuitive just because it’s simple. It does almost everything I’d want it to do – if only they would get moving on implementing the charts and graphs feature…

Image and Source: Webware