zohowriter Back in May, Zoho Writer decided to put Google Gears to good use by launching partial offline support. I say partial because at the time, it did have some limitations. The biggest limitation was the fact that downloaded documents were available in read-only mode which meant editing capabilities weren’t an option. The big news today is that Zoho Writer now supports offline editing so that you can view and edit your documents even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Ironically enough, Zoho is using Google’s service (Google Gears) to make the offline editing support available, yet Google still doesn’t even offer the offline editing or synchronization for Google Docs. Given that Zoho and Google Docs are competitors, you’d think that Google would be on top of trying to, well… compete and offer similar features.

The video below was put together by the Zoho team and gives you an idea of how it works. They point out that while you can edit your documents offline, not all functionalities are available. Those will be grayed out so you’ll know what features you can and can’t use.  Still though, it’s an awesome step forward and will allow those who want to work on a plane or train or anywhere else the chance to do so.

Source: Download Squad