ZoneAlarm ForceField ScreenshotsLast year we talked about a new product called ZoneAlarm ForceField who’s goal is to protect users from the dangerous attacks on the web that could leave their computer vulnerable. It does this by creating a virtualized environment much like the free alternatives we’ve covered before: BufferZone, LivePC, and Sandboxie.

By running your browser in a virtualized “bubble” anything that you download and install can easily be undone since it is all kept isolated from the rest of your PC. What differentiates this from the freeware alternatives is that this also scans your activity and downloads looking for phishing or spyware attacks.

How do you get it for free? Tipster “ainstushar” pointed us to the page where ZoneAlarm ForceField is freely available for download. You have until August 13th @ 6AM PST to grab your free 1-year license.

ZoneAlarm ForceField is compatible with Windows XP & Vista, but only works with the Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. Here’s a more extensive list of what it has to offer for those of you interested:

  • Virtualized surfing – Creates a “bubble of security” around your browsing session that works two ways: it protects your PC from Web site threats such as drive-by downloads; and protects your browsing session from threats on your PC
  • Anti-phishing – powerful best-of-breed signature and heuristic methods providing the most comprehensive fraud protection
  • Spyware site blocking – prevents users from accidentally visiting known spyware distribution sites
  • Site rating – provides important security information about any site
  • Dangerous download protection – scans downloads and alerts user of danger
  • Keylogger and screen grabber jamming – prevents spyware already on the PC from seeing what the user does online
  • Temporary file encryption & memory scan – secures local Web files from spyware, protects the session
  • Private browser mode – keeps user’s personal information private and secure