ZunegamesBack at CES in January, Microsoft’s Peter Moore announced that Zune games would be coming. In fact, they would be coming within 18 months. Thus far, Zune sales haven’t exactly been anything to write home about, but those that have made the purchase give the impression that they are satisfied.

If Microsoft managed to come up with amazing games for the Zune, it could potentially help out their sales.  So far I’ve heard it being compared to the Playstation Portable. While that may be a far stretch, anything is possible. If they went as far as integrating it with Xbox Live, that would definitely give them a boost.

As ‘I Started Something’ points out, Microsoft does mean serious business when it comes to video gaming capabilities, and hopefully the team in charge of developing these games can get a lot done in 18 months.  Back in January around the same time that Peter Moore made the announcement, Microsoft posted a job under the title of “Software Development Engineer in Test.”

The job description clearly explains that you would join the “Zune effort and help build the next generation of portable digital entertainment. Be a part of this start-up team which will reshape the way people engage with their games, music, and videos.”

Another job posting more recently is calling for a Branding Manager that would be responsible for “managing and developing Zune into a world-class entertainment brand.” It poses this scenario to possible applicants:

“Imagine if you could connect to your entertainment wherever you are, on the TV, on your portable media device, on your mobile phone, your Xbox or at the PC– your entertainment at your fingertips.”

If they were able to take what they have imagined and turned it into something real, they’d probably be sweeping up sales like crazy. “If” is the key word, however. Anybody up for Halo on the Zune?