An anonymous tipster sent in a direct link to the Zune software so that anyone can download and use it…even if you don’t have a Zune! I’m not sure where they found it or how long it has been available but I didn’t see a link on the site.

The setup file is only a small portion of what you have to download and once you get that running it will download the rest of the installation files. Here is what the initial setup screen looks like:

Zune Setup

It isn’t anything really special but I did notice after it completed the download for the installation files that it also downloaded the firmware for the Zune. A little while later it finished doing everything (no advanced installation options available) and I was able to start playing around, but no until I restarted my computer. ;)

Honestly, I can’t tell that much of a difference between this and Windows Media Player (WMP), which is exactly what I expected. The library and options all appear to come from WMP which makes me wonder why they didn’t just make the Zune work with WMP 11 in the first place?

Here is a screenshot of the interface for those of you who aren’t able to get it installed or just don’t want to install it:

Zune Software

It also appears that some Best Buy’s have started to sell the Zune a little early…I wonder what Microsoft thinks about that! :)