Zune On a Microsoft employee’s blog called Zunester, he responded to Robert Scoble’s post regarding the Zune. One thing that he wanted to point out was that Podcasting support is in the works for the Zune:

It’s not that we don’t get Podcasting … it’s that podcasting wasn’t done in time. I don’t expect anyone to buy based on my promises, but it’s important to separate things we don’t have at launch from comments about Zune’s long term prospects.

Also, the story that made the Digg front page quoted a comment made by that employee in the same post. The comment says:

Man, how long do you guys think we’ve been doing this? I was in the room in January when we started whiteboarding. Yes, THIS January.

We’ll ship podcasting, and we’ll call it “Podcasting” when we do.

Microsoft is preparing for the release of the Zune on November 14 and they recently launched the new Zune.net site. For those of you who haven’t seen the cool Windows XP theme that they made available, you should definitely check it out. There’s a lot of hype for the new Zune, and I just hope that the media player will be able to hold up to it.