You should never lose the loads of contacts from your mobile device with the help of ZYB.  If you’ve ever lost your contact information, you know how frustrating it can be.  ZYB, a Danish company provides its’ users with a basic free online phone data backup service.  According to Ali Reza, their Sr. Marketing Executive,

The service was launched in June 2006 with the slogan of ‘Never lose any contacts again’. It allows user to store, manage, share and access mobile data online.

With the mobile backup service recently laughed, they have already had over 1.4 million contacts uploaded.  People generally rely on their mobile device more and more which makes this service more appealing and useful. Here’s a quick run down of the services:

  • Backup you mobile’s contacts and calendar
  • Manage mobile’s contacts and calendar online
  • Share contacts and calendar with friends and family
  • Import public calendars to mobile.
  • Clean up contact list with the unique ‘merge contacts’ feature
  • Synchronize your mobile’s data with other devices and services (iPod, Outlook and others) This service is not free of charge.

They support a variety of models from Nokia and Motorola to LG and Ericsson to name a few.  There’s no software involved which makes it even easier.  It also has a simple, useful user interface which is important for any service such as this.

I have not tested out the service myself, but it appears to be a helpful and useful tool. If you have a lengthy list of Mobile data and contacts, check out ZYB so that you can rest assured that all of your important data is backed up.